A major attraction for prospective ESCP students is the unique opportunity to study a master’s degree in more than one country. Taking advantage of ESCP’s multinational setup, students can study in two and up to four different countries, rotating between the School’s six urban campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw. ESCP’s unique multi-campus structure introduces students to different cultural experiences, offering a diverse and challenging learning environment. This not only enriches their study, but also helps to transform students into business professionals who are comfortable working and communicating with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, therefore enhancing their potential for an international career.

Different locations, different identities

For students in business school, it’s really important to have an international background,” says Valentine Grosjean, a Master in Management student focusing on investment banking, who is currently finishing her course in London, having already studied in both Paris and Berlin. “I know other students like myself who have chosen ESCP specifically because of the multi-campus aspect. Other business schools don’t give you this opportunity.”

Each campus has a different identity, and it means that you mix with different people in different ways. Every semester you meet new students from different places, and you realise that everybody shares a strong connection. It shows you how ESCP is a big community across different countries, and every student has their own individual experience to share.

Building a global community

Even before arriving in London to study for an MSc in Marketing & Creativity, Alexis Cervantes had some knowledge of relating to people from different parts of the world when she moved from her hometown of Mexico City to work at Disneyworld in Florida.

Because of my overseas experiences, I set my mind to doing a masters abroad. If you want to be a leader, you have to know how to work in different environments and places where you are out of your comfort zone. You have to integrate with all kinds of people. Our world is hyper-connected now, so having the experience of working with people from different backgrounds with different insights is helpful. It builds a global community.”

Alexis acknowledged the importance of multinational experiences for her future employment prospects. In fact, ESCP’s multi-campus offer was what attracted Alexis to the School as she wanted to continue getting to know people from different parts of the world. She wanted to co-create her global learning experience. 

The MSc in Marketing & Creativity master’s degree focuses on bringing the multicultural aspect to the classroom. I’ve got to know people who are so different from me. The students are from such a variety of ages and backgrounds. My working groups are small, and the instructors make them as diverse as possible. It means that discussions are richer. We can share experiences from China, Germany and Mexico, for example. Exchanging ideas with people from different backgrounds has made brainstorming and development even richer.

Multicultural education opens doors

Even while they are enjoying their multi-campus life, the students are already looking to their futures and seeing how their ESCP masters can fit into their desired careers.

For Valentine, being able to compare different worlds, build professional networks and understand the specificities of investment banking for each country have opened up her employment opportunities.

Being here in London has allowed me to make important contacts in investment banking. Meeting people in person makes a big difference, and I think it makes a greater impression than a video call.”

Having studied, lived and worked on practical projects in 3 different countries during her ESCP journey, Valentine opened up at least three international paths to explore upon graduation in pursuit of her dream career. 

After my internship I would like to join a team with a focus on infrastructure. My options are to move directly to London, or work in France, where I’m from, with a view to going to London later.

English is important, additional languages are even better

Also, day-to-day life in a different city has its benefits. “My English is still not perfect,” says Valentine. “But being here allows me to work on it every day. It’s just another way I can improve myself.” 

In fact, languages have been at the forefront of ESCP culture since the business school first opened its doors in 1819.  Currently, alongside completing studies in English, students are encouraged to take language classes in French, Spanish, Italian and German to expand their employment prospects and enrich their experience in those countries.

Living in London has also made its mark on Alexis, who is planning on returning for her internship, after completing her final academic terms in Paris later in the year, and then staying in the country for an extra 2 years after graduation.

The MSc in Marketing & Creativity offers different visa entry routes resulting in a post-study visa opportunity in the UK and in France, and I have chosen the UK route. I plan to stay here for two years. I love London. Sometimes, there is an idea that Europeans can be cold but that’s not been my experience. I love the people I’ve met. People here are so open and friendly.”

Building a personal brand

Both Alexis and Valentine have a clear idea of how ESCP and the international exposure they are gaining here can make their personal brand even more attractive in the eyes of prospective employers. 

Every life experience I have adds to me as a person, as a brand, an image of how I want to be seen and what I want to do with my life. It gives me ideas about how I can promote myself in the professional world,” says Alexis. 

I think of my brand as being really enthusiastic. I love meeting and working with new people. I’m also very persistent, I love studying. I would like to say that I’m highly skilled, that I’m prepared, that I can be a good leader, so that’s what I’m working towards.”

ESCP is a great place to build on your existing experiences and develop a global citizen mindset that is increasingly highly valued by employers across a variety of sectors. Cultural and social perceptiveness, adaptability and flexibility in working with others, and emotional and contextualised intelligence – these are only a few of the many traits that ESCP students develop during their multi-campus study experience.

I feel lucky,” says Valentine. “Before I started my masters I thought about my options as being limited to France, but now I’ve changed the way I look at opportunities. Now I think about them at a European level.”

Valentine Grosjean
Master in Management

Alexis Cervantes
MSc in Marketing & Creativity