Whether you are at the start of your application process or have to choose a campus for your first fall semester at ESCP you are probably wondering what life is like as a MiM student. M1 students Rosadea and Anna share their insights into a typical week on the London campus.

Rosadea is Italian and has a background in International Economics and Management. She is an associate consultant at JET Consulting.

Anna is Austrian and she studied Business and Economics before joining the Master in Management. She is also a Student Representative for the M1 cohort.

Rosa Monday

Monday mornings can be quite difficult, but luckily, I live super close to campus on foot. The London campus is situated in West Hampstead, a beautiful neighbourhood in Northwest London.

I make my way to university for my Corporate Finance lecture. Exams are fast approaching, so after class, I go to the library to write up my notes and start studying the topics, so I am ready for the exam.

It’s no surprise a Master’s in Management degree involves a lot of group work, so I book a room on the second floor to work with the rest of my group. As part of our Strategy course, we must choose a company and develop a strategic plan. The company we chose to work on is Starbucks. We concentrated on finishing our PowerPoint slides and practised going through the presentation, which we’ll have to deliver in class.

At the end of the day, to let off some steam after a hectic yet productive day, I went to the gym. After a relatively intense session, I called it a day and went back home to have dinner with my housemates, who also study at ESCP.

Anna Tuesday

Tuesday is language class day for M1 students on the London campus. I take the tube (only for one stop) to campus and stop to grab a coffee at Gail’s on the way.

We have the possibility of choosing between different languages here at ESCP (French, German, Spanish and Italian) and I’ve chosen Spanish as I’ll be studying at the Madrid campus next semester. We have a grammar test today and I hope it all goes well!

After Spanish, I had lunch with my friends at the cafeteria. I had a sandwich but there’s a wide variety of things you can choose from, hot or cold. After lunch, I went to the library to study for exams. At the end of the day, I went home to have dinner with my roommates.

Rosa Wednesday

Wednesday started off with Strategy class. We worked on an interesting case study about a real-life company, General Electric. It’s really interesting to see the concepts we see in class being applied to companies we are all familiar with. It proves how valuable the course content will be to us in the future.

Alongside school, I am also an associate consultant at JET Consulting, one of the consultancy societies here at ESCP. After class, I worked on a JET project where we are coming up with a market entry strategy in China for a start-up. If you are interested in pursuing a career in consultancy I would highly recommend getting involved and joining a society like this one.

I ended my day with dinner and networking with my JET colleagues.

Anna Thursday

On Thursday, in our Data-Driven Marketing class, we had to work in groups, applying what we have learnt throughout the term to a simulation. It was quite a fun and interactive way to test our knowledge and how well we understood the concepts covered throughout the module.

After class, I had a student rep meeting with the academic director and programme office. I put myself forward to be a Student Representative for my group this semester. We discussed current courses and the issues that have come up. It’s important for us as Student Reps to voice any concerns our colleagues may have about anything to do with the programme and give people the chance to make this experience as beneficial as possible.

I have lunch at school and meet up with my Strategy group to quickly go over our presentation before we present it later today. It feels so good to cross off assignments from my list!

On my way home I resist the temptation to order food and stop at the supermarket to buy groceries and cook myself dinner. After dinner, I study for a little while before calling it a day.

Rosa Friday

It’s finally Friday, TGIF! To face the last day of class this week I must start it with good coffee at the cafeteria with my friends.

One thing I really enjoy about the MiM at ESCP is the access we have to the careers service. I booked a consultation with one of the career advisors to review my CV. It’s important to start applying for internship opportunities as soon as possible so I am making sure I put my best foot forward. I also discussed my career plans, where I would like to work and in which business areas.

As it’s Friday I look forward to going home and relaxing in front of a movie on Netflix. 

Anna Weekend

It’s the weekend! Being in London means there are always so many exciting things to do, especially now that it’s Christmas season. With Rosa, we decided to go and check out the Christmas lights on Carnaby Street. 

It’s impossible to spend winter in London without checking out Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We went on ‘The Hangover’, the tallest transportable drop tower in the world. We got the see the best view of the London skyline before being dropped from 85 metres high. 

Later on that evening we went for dinner and drinks in one of the pizzerias that have a partnership with ESCP (who doesn’t love a student discount!). The pizza was really good and authentic (Italian-approved)!

If you are thinking of picking the London campus, you can expect a full schedule inside and outside the classroom. However, it is definitely worth it, as you will have the opportunity to engage with such a diverse student body, great academics and live in one of the best cities in the world!

By Camille Bocco, 1st year Master in Management Student and MiM Student Ambassador