In the ever-evolving luxury industry, characterised by digital advances, globalisation and shifting consumer trends, luxury marketing plays a crucial role in attracting discerning consumers seeking status, prestige and indulgence. In ESCP Business School’s Master in Management Luxury Marketing specialisation, students are exposed to the many facets of luxury through immersive company visits, allowing them to explore Italy as the home of luxury and excellence in various sectors. Led by Isabella Maggioni, Associate Professor of Marketing, students have the opportunity to visit renowned companies and gain first-hand knowledge of their operations, values and strategies.

In a whirlwind tour of just a few months, the students embarked on an exhilarating journey, visiting an impressive array of eight prestigious luxury brands spanning various product sectors. They delved into the captivating realms of beauty, fashion, and jewellery, exploring the allure and artistry behind these industries. Venturing further, they marvelled at the opulence of yachts and supercars, immersing themselves in the world of high-performance engineering and luxury transportation. The students also had the privilege of experiencing the pinnacle of design, indulging in the delights of gastronomy, and uncovering the secrets of top-notch hospitality. With each visit, they discovered new dimensions of excellence, passion, and innovation that define the enchanting world of luxury.

The Master in Management  Luxury Marketing specialisation exposed the students to the different branches of the luxury industry, allowing them to have a broad overview and network with various companies and professionals.

Da Vittorio Ristorante

Embarking on an extraordinary journey, our enthusiastic students immersed themselves in the world of culinary excellence at Da Vittorio Ristorante. This prestigious establishment, renowned for its fine dining, luxurious catering and exceptional hospitality, welcomed them with open arms. Guided by the visionary Cerea family, the students were introduced to the core values that drive the business and ensure a unique and unparalleled luxury experience for their discerning clientele. The adventure began at the DaV Pastry Lab, a haven of sweet delicacies. The tour continued at Da Vittorio Relais & Chateaux La Cantalupa, where the lovely facilities were unveiled, and further insights were gained into the workings of this extraordinary company. The Cerea family’s expertise and unwavering passion for excellence made this a unique journey.

Manifattura Automobili Torino – MAT

Manifattura Automobili Torino, a prominent player in the world of supercars and hypercars known for its limited series and one-of-a-kind vehicles, warmly welcomed the students. Riccardo Garella, the Head of Sales and Marketing and an ESCP alumnus, shared with them MAT’s core values and industry trends in the realm of high-performance automobiles. The students had the privilege of admiring exceptional supercars like the New Stratos and the Aspark Owl. Additionally, they were able to participate in a mini-challenge, where they presented innovative concepts to expand MAT’s strategic collaborations beyond the automotive realm. The company visit proved to be an unforgettable experience, leaving everyone inspired and hungry for more supercar adventures.

Molteni Group

Immersed in a world of design and craftsmanship, our students embarked on an unforgettable visit to the renowned Molteni Group, a pioneer in the field of high-end furniture. Entering the Molteni Group headquarters, they embarked on a journey through the compound and showroom, a fusion of contemporary collections and timeless masterpieces. They watched skilled artisans at work in the production facility, experiencing the artistry first-hand while tracing the company’s rich history in the Molteni Museum. The visit culminated in captivating presentations by Molteni’s managers, who provided insights into the company’s innovative marketing strategy. As the icing on the cake, our students participated in a strategic activity commemorating the Molteni Group’s 90th anniversary. A truly memorable adventure!


On an company visit to Guerlain, ESCP students were immersed in the captivating world of beauty and fragrance. Their journey began at the iconic flagship boutique on Milan’s prestigious Via Montenapoleone, where they were introduced to a world of bespoke services, exclusive experiences and personalised offerings that cater to the wants of discerning clients. But that’s not all! These talented students presented the fruits of their labour – a live project developed in collaboration with Guerlain – at the company’s headquarters in Milan. In celebrating the brand’s rich heritage, two exceptional teams were praised for presenting the most groundbreaking concepts, seamlessly aligned with Guerlain’s visionary ethos. A scentsational experience!


Luxury menswear was the focus of our students’ visit to the Zegna headquarters in Milan. The students had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the brand’s illustrious heritage, deeply rooted in craftsmanship, sustainability and ethical entrepreneurship. Witnessing Zegna’s seamless adaptation to modern lifestyles and its foray into the luxury leisurewear market was a standout moment of the visit. The students also gained valuable insights into Zegna’s innovative digital experience, a carefully designed platform to enhance the customer journey across both online and physical channels. Zegna’s commitment to excellence and ability to redefine the boundaries of luxury menswear left a lasting impression on our students, demonstrating the brand’s unwavering dedication to timeless style and taste.


The MIM Luxury Marketing students journeyed into the world of fine chocolate while visiting the Domori store in Turin’s charming Piazza San Carlo. There, they had the pleasure of discovering the secrets behind the rare Criollo cocoa that is the heart and soul of Domori’s creations. Witnessing the meticulous process of developing these tantalising creations was a feast for the senses. To fully appreciate the artistry, the students were treated to a tasting session where they experienced first-hand Domori’s unique chocolate tasting code through various chocolate varieties. This unforgettable exploration of chocolate left them with a newfound appreciation for the intricate blend of craftsmanship and flavour that defines Domori’s unique offerings.

Astrua 1860

Astrua 1860, a prestigious boutique specialising in Haute Horlogerie in the heart of Turin, welcomed the ESCP students to introduce them to the world of luxury watches and fine jewellery. They were fascinated by the complex art of these timepieces. Guiding them through the experience was none other than Carlo Giacomo Musso, a master in his field, who shared his in-depth knowledge of the company’s rich history and core values. One valuable lesson the students learned was the importance of managing scarcity to cultivate lasting customer relationships – a testament to the art of creating timeless luxury. With new insights, they left Astrua 1860 with a deeper appreciation for the intricacies involved in marketing these works of horological art.

Sanlorenzo Yacht

Embarking on their final adventure, the students plunged into the mesmerising realm of custom-made yachts at Sanlorenzo Yacht, the unrivalled leader in the Italian yacht industry. Their journey took them on an awe-inspiring tour of the renowned Sanlorenzo superyacht shipyard in La Spezia, where they witnessed first-hand the meticulous craftsmanship behind creating yachts tailored to the exact specifications of their discerning owners. Beyond the exceptional craftsmanship, the students also delved into Sanlorenzo’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, gaining invaluable insights into the company’s illustrious history and values, beautifully presented by Massimo Perotti and Cesare Perotti. This experience left our students with a profound appreciation for the artistry and visionary spirit that define Sanlorenzo’s yacht creations.

These visits to renowned companies provided ESCP Master in Management Luxury Marketing students with invaluable insights across various luxury sectors. Through immersive experiences, they gained first-hand knowledge of operations, values, and strategies, leaving them inspired and enriched.

The continuous growth of the luxury industry requires increasingly specialised professionals. At ESCP Business School, we recognise Italy as an exceptional destination for the study of luxury marketing and management, which is why the MIM Luxury Marketing specialisation is delivered in Turin, further underlining Italy’s reputation as a centre of luxury and excellence.