Dear go-getters / eager beavers, 

First, take a moment for yourself. Breathe. Smile. Pat yourself on the back.Feel proud of yourself. 
You are starting something new very soon, and I know changes can be daunting. Maybe you are moving away from home for the very first time. You may even be leaving your country for the very first time.

One thing is for sure – you are stepping out of your comfort zone!

You are probably excited and scared. You may even be questioning if you must move so far away at all. That’s normal! I have been in your shoes and I can tell you that now, a year later, when I look back at my journey, I can say that it has been nothing but rewarding. 

Moving away from a place which you know like the back of your hand to some new place where you probably don’t even speak the language, might not seem an obviously sane choice to make. But do it, nonetheless. Things are not going be easy and there will be difficulties. There will be challenges. It will be frustrating at times and all you’ll want to do is run back home. But you will stay, nonetheless. Hanging in there is going to make a big difference down the line in your life, and when you look back at your journey, you’ll thank yourself for having chosen to stay strong.  

As you continue in your pursuits, you will realize that you aren’t alone on the long arduous path. There are your peers too, probably sailing in different boats but caught in the same storm and soon enough you will find yourself in a band of like-minded people helping each other steer their way through and building a remarkable life!

With every place you visit you are unlocking so many opportunities and possibilities of what could be a start of something different. I am not saying that you will have a smooth ride, but I can assure you that all these experiences will prepare you to face any challenge that comes your way, head-on. And that is an indispensable skill. 

Let me share a few insights from my experiences so far.

  • Have an open mindset. This will help you adapt quickly to the changes around you. It’ll help you grasp the rhythm of the city, language, people, projects, and academics much faster. 
  • Grab every opportunity that comes up. Always be on a lookout for various networking events, seminars, business games, student societies, and other activities. This will help you expand your horizons beyond the classroom. 
  • Put in the effort to upskill. You are here in a diverse group of people and there’s so much to learn from each other. Keep inspiring and learning from each other, and you’ll develope some cool skills.
  • Try out different things and challenge yourself. You never know what will resonatewith you the most. Who knows, you might accidently stumble upon something that you are ridiculously good at!
  • Be positive. Things will get tough at times but remind yourself – ‘I can! I will! I must!’ 

So, don’t think twice. Pack that bag. Board that flight. Start your journey. 

Because ‘It all starts here’.
Cheers to a new beginning.

Yours truly, Sanika Muley, Master in Management 2nd year student