How to get your first job abroad

How to get your first job abroad?

The idea of working abroad is very attractive to a lot of people. However, getting your first job outside of your home country can be a bit overwhelming. Alumna Anu Apurvaa Sindol shares her experience landing a position with a start-up in Texas.

6 reasons to study abroad

More and more students decide to study a master’s degree abroad. While studying in a foreign country sounds attractive to a lot of people, there are several reasons why this is a great way to grow personally and professionally. Find out more about this experience in our article.

How to become a sustainable leader

How to become a sustainable leader

Corporate sustainability has been at the forefront of people’s attention over the past few years. More and more leaders are stepping up to guide their teams to achieve sustainable objectives.
Learn more about how to lead sustainability initiatives in your organisation.

importance of class diversity

The importance of class diversity in learning

Whether in the workplace or elsewhere, diversity is a key element in the smooth running of a group. Yet our individual understanding of the term itself can be very subjective.

Through this article, and through our discussion with @ClémencePlantié (MiM 2020), let’s discover her experiences and feedback regarding this topic.

emotional intelligence

How to develop emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence often determines the quality and nature of our relationships, how we handle stress in everyday life, how well we communicate with others, and how effective we are at our jobs. Suffice to say it is worth developing! Below are four simple and accessible ways of building up our emotional intelligence.